Market Research


Gain competitive advantage and fulfil business and regulatory objectives with Market Intelligence/ Market Research.

This package covers:
•Industry Overview
•Market Size and Growth
•Sales Channels
•Target Market and Challenge
•Driving Forces (Internal & external factors affecting the future of your organization)
•The Four Ps (Price, Product, Promotion & Place)
•SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Interests and Applications:
1.Ideal for Business Plan Preparation
2.Ideal for Growth Plan Analysis
3.Which markets to infiltrate next?
4.Are there patterns to what customers buy?
5.Patterns to what competitors' clients buy?
6.Implications of new distribution channels?
7.What services could be cross-sold?
8.Into what demographic segments can we push both new and current products?
9.Need to change our business model?
10.Need to change our pricing strategy?
11.Devote more resources ?

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