Talent Management / Employment Services


Our talent management solutions include, but are not limited to the following recruitment services which may involve random, ongoing or project specific screening:

  1. Headhunting - Executive level, Management & Specialized Recruitment
  2. Direct Hire Job Placement
  3. Independent screening for drug test (same day results)
  4. Independent screening for alcohol test (same day results)
  5. Comprehensive Criminal Background Check (same day results)
  6. Industrial math testing
  7. Aptitude testing
  8. Performance review and appraisals (outcomes against contracted responsibilities using psychometric analysis)
  9. Talent acquisition process review
  10. Training.



Training programs should be targeted, constructive, relevant and purposeful. Our training sessions are designed to help your business grow and meet specific objectives through consistent and relevant training and development. While we offer standard training programs, many clients prefer our bespoke customized programs which target training needs that are specific to their organizations. We will customize each program that specifically targets your individual business needs to develop the unique skills and experience of your existing team.

Prior to implementing any training program, our team will carry out an evaluation of your company, analyze your strategic plans for the future, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business as well as any other unique information that will affect the performance of your team or the brand identity of your company. We will help to identify the training gaps existing, and then based on your needs and our assessment, we will together recommend an appropriate solution for you.

Our training courses are interactive, practical and detailed. They are designed to improve the performance of employees from management levels right through to first tier employees. They can be delivered as a workshop, a seminar or individual training sessions based on your goals.

Our 4 Core Employee and Management Training Courses:

Customer Service:
1. Developing an understanding between Bad Service, Acceptable Service, Excellent service
2. Why excellent service is important for your company
3. ALL IN - Everyone needs to play their part
4. External & Internal Clients – who they are & why they count
5. The effect of poor service on brand image
6. What does your brand mean to you- core values
7. Meeting Expectations & Going The Extra Mile
8. Difficult Customers
9. Scenario

1. Why Leadership skills are important
2. Leadership styles – and how they work differently
3. Everyday leadership.
4. What it takes to take the lead- and be good at it.
5. Building trust, commitment and support as a leader
6. Personal Leadership: Be a leader within yourself- decision making and setting personal goals
7. Leading a team: Creating, communicating and implementing a shared vision and purpose.
8. Set clear goals and expectations- Make goals meaningful, motivating, and capable of growth.
9. Understanding Human Needs and Drivers of Performance
10. Changing systems and conditions around you to support leadership

Strategies For Difficult Customers:
1. Difficult Customers are Not Bad Customers.
2. Be Prepared. Everyone responds differently
3. Empathy (feelings) is just as important as respect ( words and action)
4. Reflective Listening and Active Participation
5. Good or Bad??? - Give the bad news second with details and an apology
6. Eliminate ‘No’ or ‘Can’t’ - Focus on solving the problem
7. Allow Venting With Apology, Validation and Identification
8. Defuse That Situation: Acknowledge, Assess, Alternate- Use the Feel, Felt, Found Approach
9. Body language and its role in resolving conflict
10. What Does the Customer Really Want?

Diversity At Work:

1. The celebration of differences in gender awareness, color, language, background and life.
2. Constantly changing demographics in our world and how the diversity affects the company
3. Leverage and turn diversity into an asset
4. Competing in a Diverse Industry.
5. Managing expectations of diverse employees and uniting teams.
6. Recognizing and overcoming stereotypes .
7. Building an inclusive workforce
8. Their perception can open new opportunies for you. Harness their skills and knowledge.

Full Training Course List:

1. Microsoft Word (Basic)
2. Microsoft Excel (Basic)
3. Microsoft PowerPoint (Basic)
4. QuickBooks (Basic)
5. Effective Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Customers
6. Customer Service Excellence
7. Cashflow Management Strategies
8. Credit Control - Getting Your Cash Back Quickly
9. Marketing
10. Team Building (Includes Psychometric Analysis)
11. Social Media For The Workplace
12. Diversity At Work
13. Leadership training
14. Customized training (with SWOT analysis)


Our talent management service involves a strategic approach to sourcing, training and empowering staff. Psychometric analysis and assessment tools including 360’s and MBTI will be used to evaluate and enhance performance as well as determine talent and training needs.

Our 360 Degree Performance Assessment Tool is designed to achieve and enhance Executive and Team Success. The assessment looks at specific aspects including people management, teamwork interpersonal skills, all based on  objective data, so you receive results that are powerful, relevant and targeted.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a perfect tool for maximizing effectiveness at the individual and team level from entry positions to executive/management positions. This tool is ideal for:

  • Leadership development—Designed to develop management’s perception and knowledge of their personality type and how these are directly related to leadership skills, and the strategy to build skills relevant for specific teams and responsibilities. Great for developing supervisors, team leaders, managers and executive teams and business owners.
  • Team development— Designed to improve team communication, uncover team strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans for performance improvement.
  • Conflict and stress management—Designed to improve skills in investigating the cause of conflict and in promoting early mediation to avoid any unfavorable impact on performance, morale, service delivery and profits. It also aims to build resilience, manage stress triggers and enhance productivity.
  • Career transition and planning—Designed to help guide individuals on career choice, development, and management. Great for companies consider moving staff around or for those taking on new responsibilities.

We build long term relationships where our purpose is to support your ongoing business needs, not generate a one- time sale for profit. We are in this together!

Talk to us about our cost-effective monthly, annual or customized talent management service package.