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How To Improve The Outcome Of Your Recruiting Process

Improve The Outcome Of Your Process

  • Evaluate your hiring strategy: Different jobs may require a more competitive wage than you normally offer. Some positions are harder to fill than some others due to skills shortage, location, hours or qualifications. Be flexible with your approach when necessary, especially if your business model is centered around that position you are trying to fill.
  • Ensure you have the right culture to attract the best employees: Evaluate your expectations and be realistic in your search. What is your competition doing to get the right kind of skills? Can you match that? Can you do better and sometimes, this means different. Offer health benefits, offer promotions annually, offer profit share options, recruits for skills and education not just for experience. Be ready to take a risk where necessary- a calculated risk!
  • Ensure the job description is accurate, current and relevant: As a role evolves, review old job descriptions and consider industry changes as well as specific company/ team needs.
  • Spread your net: Use personal contacts, social media, internal employees, job boards and agencies.
  • Consider various employment models: Full time employment is not the only option. Consider the temp option, temp- to- hire option, contract hire, direct hire. Speak to us about the possibilities. Sometimes the best person for the job is not always a full time employee, and the alternative could be a cost effective solution for your business.

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