If you saw the documentary on the rise and fall of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ aka Jordan Belfort of Stratton last night on CNBC, you are probably aware that those same scandalous procedures that made Belfort a star amidst mates are still flourishing today.

Sadly, as entertaining as the movie and documentary were, victims of scams hardly ever recover from their losses, and the key message is, no matter how risk-inclined you are, invest with caution, because the extent of devastation is severe on victims of financial crime, investment scams and failed business decisions, especially for those who have invested their life savings.

Key lessons: Do not use excessive leverage to invest in stocks – or any other risky investment for that matter.  Give funds you can afford to put at risk, do not take out a loan for a risky investment. Devise a risk management plan to diversify your portfolio with various risk levels as some could return  losses. Slow down- doing too much, too soon could really hurt. If you are risk averse- just keep your money in a savings account!

While it may be true that ‘the higher your risk, the higher your returns’,  and also true that many people seem to search for overnight wealth these days , we are also coming to realise that some risks are too high to take. It is now more important than ever make to gather as much information as is available, make informed choices and take informed risks so that you do get some return on your investment as sometimes extreme risks can really be foolhardy when you make a huge loss instead.

Therefore, whether you are considering purchasing those low-priced, small-cap stocks known as penny stocks, or ridiculous proposals to invest in non-viable businesses, or aggressive offers of potentially worthless investment, a new business partner, supplier, or service provider, ask before you buy.

Reschedule a follow-up call to revaluate the offer, ask for an email with more information, check websites, check local Chambers of Commerce or look on social media sites. Research, research, research! Many investments are great, but remember, there are many wolves still hunting for victims today.

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