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How To Find The Right Job Quickly

  • Update Your Skills: To improve your chances of getting a job, get rid of outdated resumes. Update your resume as your situation changes. Employers and Hiring Managers want to know the most relevant and the most recent news. If there are gaps preventing you from getting the job you want, find out ways to start the relevant course. Employers also value courses that are not fully completed yet. You just have to prove that you are willing to follow through .
  • Spread The Net: Network to increase your circle of influence and tell everyone you know about your job search. Start with friends and family and let them help you search while they network with their own contacts. Sometimes leads stagnate and opportunities are missed because only a ‘privileged few’ know about your job hunt.
  • Use social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and main search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find out about new opportunities.
  • Visit staffing agencies around you: Try and locate staffing agencies within a 30 mile radius and register with them. Many agencies are starting to serve clients around the country and even online internationally. A good place to start from though is around your home and then you can work outwards.
  • Avoid Gaps:Consider voluntary work to increase your experience and exposure. The longer you stay unemployed, the less inclined employers and recruiters are to select you. Keep yourself busy and active , even if unpaid for a while.
  • Train yourself: There are many skills that you can gain while job hunting to make you more competitive in the job market from simple Microsoft Word or Excel skills to more technical or practical skills. Find our which skills are preferred in the industry you are interested in and work towards gaining or improving those skills.

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